Dear Parents

I do hope you enjoyed a restful and safe break with your families. My staff and I look forward to welcoming you all back to the new Academic Year 2018/2019 as we celebrate the school’s 20th year.

I would like to share with you a few thoughts on how we must all work together to ensure our students, your children get the most during their time at SRS, daily, weekly, monthly until the end of the year!

Our school is well known and highly regarded across Dubai and beyond but in order for us to continue to grow and build upon our academic success we need to underpin this with strong foundations; high expectations of each and every one of us, consistency in daily routines and offering challenging curricula and other experiences. Growth mindset, wellbeing, happiness and healthy lifestyles are all high on our agenda and to benefit your children must attend school daily and be on time. They need to come prepared for learning with the right mind-set to work hard and not give up too easily. This will be much easier and more enjoyable if as I said they are in school on time every day, they wear their uniform and come with the correct equipment and tools needed for the different learning experiences they encounter daily. In addition, they should always participate fully in PE classes and grasp all extra-curricular opportunities offered through our extensive LWB programmes.

Please support me, my staff and most all your children by ensuring you work with us to make this happen and we will together reach even greater success in the future.  

To ensure the first day back runs as smoothly as possible, please note the important information below:

 Start Date & Times:
  • FS1, FS2, Years 1 to 13 start on Sunday 2/9/2018

Please note Sunday 2/9/2018, Monday 3/9/2018 and Tuesday 4/9/2018 school timing is from 7:30am to 1:00pm. From Wednesday 5/9/2018 school timings will revert to 7:30am to 2:45pm.

FS1, FS2 will be having a staggered start and your child’s exact start date will be confirmed by telephone.

  1. Bus Service:

 Bus will be available for Years 1 to 13 from Sunday 2/9/2018, if you have confirmed your registration for this service. Please be aware that you should by now have received a phone call from the Bus Assistant giving you your child’s pick up time for Sunday morning.

FS1 & FS2 bus service will commence on Sunday 9/9/2018 and parents will be informed of their child’s pick up and drop off timings.

  1. Communication

We would like to remind you of our many communication channels:

General Emails: 

School Clinic Email:, 

Please note there are allocated FS/Primary Year Group Secretaries and Secondary

Supervisors to assist with any queries you may have.  They are stationed throughout

The school corridors, primary and secondary. Their direct line and extension

numbers were sent through the school’s messaging system on 25/8/2018. Please

click on the link to download and save the contact numbers:

Please do leave a message if they are unavailable, they will contact you as soon as

Possible to assist you.

  1. Drop off, Pick up & Parent Parking

Please ensure your child is dropped off and collected at the correct gate:

  • FS/Primary Year 1 to 4 –           Primary Main Gate
  • Primary Year 5 & 6 only –           Secondary Gates

(accessible through secondary parking area)

  • Secondary Girls (Years 7 to 13) –           Secondary Girls Gate
  • Secondary Boys (Years 7 to 13) –           Secondary Boys Gate

We will be enforcing high punctuality from day one so gates will be closed at 8:00am in the first instance and can be accessed by parents at the following times:

  • FS –                  1:00pm
  • Years 1-13 –    2:45pm

Please ensure your child arrives at school on time each day and is in class for the first lesson which starts at 7:30am. If your child is late they are missing valuable learning time.

As of Wednesday 5/9/2018 the Primary Library will be open and supervised from 7am for early drop-off (FS-Yr3 only). Parents who are unable to drop-off/pick-up their children should encourage secondary siblings or the house assistant to take and collect FS1/FS2, Year 1 & 2 from their classes.

Please note the main gate will not be used for student drop off and pick up. Secondary boys and girls gates at the rear car park are for students with brothers and sisters and families to drop off and pick up.  Main primary gate is for FS1, FS2 and Year 1 to 4 only not secondary.

Maids & Drivers

To ensure a safe environment at the beginning and end of the school day, please assign one maid only to drop-off and pick-up your child for the whole academic year. Male drivers will not be allowed to drop-off and pick-up students within the school.

Please ensure maids are dressed appropriately in keeping with the school environment.

  1. Student Cash/ID Cards:

Please ensure that your child brings his/her cash/ID card on the first day of school. If the card has been lost, your child will be informed by the teacher when they may visit the IT department to have the card replaced.

  1. Student Cafeterias/Lunch Service:

Cafeteria Service will be available for Years 1 to 13 from Sunday 2/9/2018. Please note, as per school rules no cash will be accepted and student cash cards should be used at all times. New student cards will be distributed in class on Sunday 2/9/2018 therefore please ensure your child brings cash to upload onto their card on the first day of school.

Students in Year 1 to 3, who have registered for the ‘trolley service’ will be provided with lunch from Sunday 2/9/2018.  FS1 and FS2 will be provided with lunch from Sunday 9/9/2018.

  1. End of day procedure

All families will be issued with new ID cards to ensure greater student safety and security for your children. Each family will be given one ID card and additional cards can be purchased from accounts at a cost of Dhs 20 each card. Please use the same gate picking up but not the main entrance this is too dangerous.    FS1/FS2, Year 1 and 2 children can be dropped off and collected from the classroom but only by entering the main primary gate.  Please note, maids must display an ID card at all times.

  1. Delivery of lunch boxes, PE Kit etc during the school day

Please visit the Primary Office (opposite the Primary PE Hall/Swimming Pool) from 7:30am-2:30pm when delivering primary student bags or for early collection of students.

Secondary Boys and Girls deliveries should be delivered to the gate room at the Girls and Boys gates.

  1. Early Collection

Please ensure the nominated person collecting your child has appropriate ID card authority as per the school system.  Please enter through the primary main gate and report to the primary ground floor office near the PE hall/swimming pool when collecting FS or Primary students.  Please enter through the Secondary Boys and Girls gates and report to the boys’ and girls’ supervisor’s desks when collecting secondary students.

Please visit the school’s website for further information or call the main reception on 04 6011011 for further assistance.

Yours sincerely

Nan Billingham