Students who arrive late to lesson/s will be required to attend catch-Up classes/lessons.  The system is applied as follows:

  • Teachers record (in minutes) student late arrival to class at each lesson.
  • Total minutes of late arrival to each subject lesson is calculated by the school at the end of each week. Students with 100+ minutes late to lessons in a week will attend a catch up session.
  • Minutes late to lessons will be for all subject lessons eg Art, DT, PE, however students will only cover work missed in Arabic, English, Maths and Science in the catch up sessions. Where students have been late for lessons other than Arabic, English, Maths or Science they will be given given a reading task in Arabic or English that they must summarise.
  • Students who deliberately miss lessons will be included in catch up sessions.
  • Catch up lessons are held after school on Mondays (Girls) and Wednesdays (Boys).
  • Student work is marked by Heads of Department or subject teachers and fedback to the student.
  • When after school Intervention is running, then intervention will take priority over catch up sessions.