The school prides itself in being a calm, safe and family friendly learning environment. Relationships between teachers, staff and students are excellent.  If student have any worries or concerns, the school welfare/counselling team are always on hand to offer support and guidance.

SRS aims to provide an atmosphere that is supportive and caring. If students enjoy coming to school and find the experience both stimulating and interesting then, as a general rule, this is reflected in good behaviour on the part of the students.

The Welfare Department, through defined strategies and methods, work with students and parents to develop student behaviour to the expected highest standards.

The Welfare Department behaviour strategy is built on the following:

  • Prevention
  • Intervention
  • Development

The behaviour strategy includes deferent guidance methods which increase positive behaviour expected from SRS students.

Strategies such as class guidance, student and parent workshops, individual meetings are also implemented to achieve behavioural goals.  Workshops, Social Fairs and a Consultation Day are available to parents to guide and advise them in dealing with their children.  The presence of the Welfare Officer during lessons and after school camps and activities is to guide students in their behaviour within the classroom and during eating times.  Assembly time is often the best time to guide students in behaviour matters.

An essential element in the success of any behaviour policy is a close partnership between the school and home and SRS is committed to pursuing these policies.  The KHDA Parent-School Contract also supports parents and teachers working together in order to achieve the highest standards of behaviour from students.


At the heart of the school’ s Behavioural Policies are the beliefs that children develop best in an atmosphere which encourages and rewards them rather than upon a system which relies solely upon the deterrent of punishments as an incentive to promote good behaviour.

SRS has a rewards system that promotes positive behaviour and attitudes amongst students. The rewards will be presented at assemblies and underpin SRS school values.