The SRS approach to curriculum development ensures that all students, regardless of background and ability, are provided with work that engages, challenges, excites and motivates, thereby ensuring achievement for all. We believe that by equipping our students with the core subject knowledge and skills first and then providing exciting opportunities for them to apply their learning in a range of ways, we are able to cater to their distinct and unique learning needs in an integrated context. This provision is further enhanced through a multitude of extracurricular opportunities that inspire such as field trips, camps, competitions and international residential visits, voluntary and charitable work. 

British Curriculum – based on strong foundations and hugely successful for over 20 years!

SRS offers a strong, current British Curriculum delivered by the high-quality UK trained teachers and leaders. Children make a flying start in our Foundation Stage which has been validated as consistently outstanding.  Almost all our students  speak English as an additional language. Remarkably, as they journey through the school they all do exceedingly well with 100% passing in English Language IGCSE successfully. We offer a wide range of subject choices at GCSE and A Levels courses, with Year 13 students accessing some of the top UK Universities.  

American Curriculum – offers choice and diversity for our senior students

As we moved into our third decade, we aspired to offer more choice and scope to our student community by adding an American Curriculum pathway for high school students from Grades 9 to 12.   This pathway is aligned to the Massachusetts Curriculum Standards and offers an additional quality educational route for our growing numbers of students and access to the many American Universities in the UAE and overseas.   

Arabic Curriculum – providing an outstanding curriculum and acknowledged across the UAE as first rate!

The Arabic Curriculum focuses on the students acquisition of accurate Arabic Language through listening, speaking and preparing the students for reading and writing.  In addition, the school develops religious consciousness through using qualified teachers fully aware of the developmental requirements at this stage.To achieve this vision and educational goals, the school has adopted and adheres to the following pillars taught through the curriculum: Family atmosphere, subjective experience, self-confidence, decision making and creating closer bonds between the school and the family.