The focus of The School of Research Science is to develop the child fully, physically, emotionally, socially and culturally from an early stage (age 3-6 years). The practices used to accomplish this are in accordance with modern international theories, tailored to educate children at this stage. These theories strongly advocate learning through play, independent thinking and forming positive attitudes towards school, thereby ensuring students further develop and are prepared to accomplish tasks at the primary stage.

The Arabic Department focus on the child’s acquisition of accurate Arabic Language through listening, speaking and preparing the student for reading and writing. In addition, the school develops religious consciousness through qualified teachers fully aware of the developmental requirements at this stage.
To achieve this vision and goals, the school has adopted and adheres to the following pillars taught through the curriculum:

Family atmosphere, subjective experience, self-confidence, decision making and creating closer bonds between the school and the family.


The focus of the school’s Arabic Department is Arabic language which is the language of communication, science and literature.  It is the school’s aim that students maintain their Arab identity as well as their global identity and master the Arabic language, not only in terms of listening, speaking and writing, but also are proud of it and ensure it is passed from one generation to another.

The Arabic Department achieves these strategic objectives through teaching core and enriched curriculums. In the primary school (Years 1-3) Arabic is taught through a series of three books developed especially for SRS, after extensive research, to fulfil our students’ needs.
school teaches the Ministry curriculum in Years 4-6 in addition to enriching the curriculum in other areas such as spelling, comprehension, literature, poetry and free reading.
The Ministry curriculum is also followed in the secondary school (Years 7-12) where the focus is placed on grammar, spelling, comprehension, literature, reading and calligraphy.
Other International certified curriculums are also followed by our school’s Arabic Department, in particular the British GCSE and Advanced Level This ensures that the quality of provision meets the best international standards.


Arabic language is popular with many UAE expatriates who are dedicated to teaching their children the language of the country they live in as it facilitates social and professional involvement. To meet this demand, the school has adapted an enriched curriculum to meet the different educational needs at all stages in listening, speaking, conversation, reading, storytelling and writing. In the primary, the famous ‘Iqraa’ series is used, while the series ‘I love Arabic’ is used in the secondary phase.


SRS believes in the importance of building a religious and Islamic consciousness deeply rooted in our students. This consciousness is characterised by moderation and accepting others without prejudice. For this reason, the school provides students with the opportunity to learn the Islamic subject through professional teachers, role models in their field, with vast experience in the teaching methodologies of this subject.

FS1 and FS2 are taught short Surahs, Hadiths and prayers, all easily understood and age related, in a fun atmosphere as well as through simple conversation whilst ensuring that the child is learning at their pace.

Islamic Studies is taught to students from Year 1 to 12 through the Ministry curriculum, in addition to the recitation of chapters of the Holy Quran, varying throughout the year groups. Furthermore, a variety of enriched curriculums are in place to cover the biography of the Prophet (PBUH), religion, tajweed, athkar, prayers, jurisprudence, as well as various competitions and programmes to support this.


SRS provides a Special Islamic Studies curriculum for Second Language Speakers through an education series which covers the different stages and levels of students.

The curriculum seeks to:

  • Develop student skills in Tajweed through reading the Hoy Quran.
  • Involve students in the ‘values programme’ which is designed especially for SRS students.
  • Provide students with specialised care and attention so that they do not feel estranged amongst first language Arabic speakers.
  • Provision of special programmes and competitions for Islamic studies


The School of Research Science was founded in 1998 and the Reading Train competition commenced in the same year. The aim of the competition was to encourage students to read for pleasure. 250 students participated when the competition first started, followed by the participation of 50 schools from within the UAE. The programme became a massive success so that in 2014, 20,000 students from 1,000 schools participated from across the UAE and other Arab countries. Last year the competition was honoured by the sponsorship of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum as his highness’ global initiative became the ‘Arab Reading Challenge’. The Arab Reading Challenge was launched from SRS as the school is the headquarters of the competition.


The School of Research Science encourages its students to support their community, to build and develop their country. The Annual Celebration commenced in 1998 and every year, in April, students from the primary and secondary school present their skills in recitation, elocution and theatrical dialogues.


Teaching the Holy Quran is a very important focus of The school of Research Science. The students are prepared through various programmes to ensure they reach the highest levels of proficiency in reading and reciting the Quran and thus participate in the annual Quran competition which includes students of different levels