Key Stage 3

During Key Stage 3 students continue to develop the skills and knowledge needed for the 21st Century. Students follow the British National Curriculum, as well as enjoying high quality provision in Arabic and Islamic Studies. Our curriculum provides students with the international knowledge to be global citizens while rooting them in the culture of the UAE and developing their knowledge of the Islamic faith and the Arab world. Across all areas of the curriculum, students receive high quality tuition from specialist teachers. English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, ICT, Design Technology, Art and PE are all British Curriculum subjects, delivered through the medium of English. This curriculum provision is enhanced by the school’s commitment to Team Teaching throughout Key Stage 3 which ensures all students are well supported and appropriately challenged, giving


In Key Stage 4, the IGCSE curriculum is introduced to provide the support and challenge needed for students from a range of prior attainment levels. A range of subjects, catering for a variety of academic needs and interest, are offered. These include the compulsory subjects of Arabic, Islamic Studies, English (plus English Literature for the majority of students), Mathematics, Core Science, Islamic Studies and Physical Education. Optional subjects include ICT, Additional Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, RS, Business Studies, Accounts, Additional Mathematics, Economics, Law, Art, Drama, Media Studies, Product Design, Food Technology, Travel and Tourism, Enterprise and Computing.

them every opportunity to excel.


At Post-16, SRS offers AS and A level qualifications. Arabic AS is compulsory, with Special Arabic for non-native speakers. Islamic Studies also forms part of our post-16 curriculum. All students must study a minimum of 4 further AS subjects, sometimes over 2 years if appropriate. Subjects offered include:  Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Additional Science, English Language, English Literature, Health and Social Care, Travel and Tourism, Art, DT, PE, History, Geography, RS, ICT, Computing and Business Studies. BTEC Level 3 courses are also offered in subjects such as Sports Science.



Throughout secondary students are involved in the Pupil Development Curriculum (PDC).

The aim of PDC is to promote, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils in school and within society, whilst also to promoting social wellbeing being and responsibility.

PDC is taught in tutor groups once per fortnight to KS3 and through ‘drop down’ sessions in KS4. Each lesson has clear outcomes to achieve and works along our themed calendar month, such as October was healthy lifestyles month.

Overall PDC prepares pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.