At SRS teaching and learning are built upon our six core values of Excellence, Independent Learning, Uniqueness and Diversity, Creativity, Life Skills and Partnerships. These values are underpinned by our Student Learner Profile which maps out the key skills we consider to be critical for successful learning. These two key aspects ensure that at SRS we are committed to shaping the future generation who will be creative independent thinkers, able to adapt their knowledge and skills to the ever changing needs of the technological age and the demands of the 21st century.

We provide challenge and choice for all our children and students through a personalised programme of study that is inspired by expert, passionate and engaging teaching. We are acutely aware of the global community in which your sons and daughters will live and work when they leave the security of the SRS community, and we endeavour to prepare them very well for this.
Through our Learner Profile we seek to stimulate debate, to encourage innovation and creativity and to establish the conditions in which learning – for its own sake and enjoyment – takes place.

At SRS we work hard to instil in our students an enduring sense of curiosity and to develop our learner profile skills set which includes being reflective learners, team workers, self-managers, effective participators and successful communicators. This will equip them with the life skills they need to question and think critically, and to learn independently.