Parents Testimonial

The mother of Mohammad Al Ali

Year 1 Amber


I heard a lot about the school, but what I have seen exceeds what I have heard, especially the attention and care the school pays to small details. The administrative, educational and supporting staff deal with all situations professionally and to outstanding standards. Recitation of Quran and following up with students every morning, provides students with positive energy that encourages them to come to school happily every day. This is not only my opinion, but is the opinion of many parents at the school.
May Allah reward you well.

Mrs. Fatima Al Shehhi, mother of Moza

Year 1 Turquoise

What I always say to anyone who asks me: The School of Research Science combines the excellence of teaching British curriculum and the high quality in teaching Arabic, Islamic Studies and Social Studies, in an atmosphere filled with happiness and positivity in a unique equation: fun, learning, personal and social development. I can never forget the experience of ͚National Day͛, as well as the activities related to the curriculum such as ͚Book Day͛. The level of attention to children͛s safety is outstanding, and the role of the Welfare Office in the behavioural guidance of students cannot be overlooked.
Many thanks to the SRS team.



The mother of Abdulrahman Al Ogha

Year 1 Violet

I believe that SRS is one of the leading schools in providing a complete and sophisticated educational system and keeping up with all the scientific and technological challenges we face nowadays. The school takes individual differences in consideration and constantly follows the development of the students͛ levels of achievement. This contributes to building a creative generation and a dynamic partner in the development of the country.
Thank you SRS