We recognise the enormous potential of modern technology to enhance and enrich learning and are committed to preparing our children to be successful in a society permeated with technology. SRS embraces new technology wherever it supports our mission. The use of technology to support learning is embedded across all curriculum areas from the Infants to the Sixth Form. Beginning with the use of specialised apps to support specific skills development, as children progress through the school they learn to use an increasing range of devices and applications.

At SRS we support the philosophy that education goes beyond the limitations of the classroom. Consequently, through our ‘Learning Without Boundaries’ (LWB) programme there is a varied and exciting range of extracurricular activities for children across our school.  By its very nature, the extracurricular programme of activities will be dynamic and responsive to the demands of the students.  It will change with each term in the context of the local climatic conditions. The important thing for the student is that he or she is given the opportunity to be curious and experience new areas of activity and to develop as an individual with a range of interests that may go beyond the school-based years.

Our school is the proud inheritor of the tradition of innovation and data driven progress within our unique context in Dubai. In preparing our pupils for the world, we place the best interests of the individual child at the centre of all we do. Our school is not just a place for the acquisition of knowledge, our mission is as much about formation as it is about education.

To encourage our students to appreciate the real-world relevance of their learning, and to foster in them a thirst for knowledge, our school further enriches the whole education process through a combination of strategies that reach far beyond the confines of the classroom. These strategies include imaginative, first-hand experiences involving the use of integrated technology, art, physical education, research assignments and hands-on experiments. The intellectual rigour of our curricula combined with the time we invest in developing the whole student means that our graduates are well equipped for further education or any other aspect of adult life.