Behaviour for learning emphasises the crucial link between the way in which children and young people learn and their social knowledge and behaviour. In doing this the focus is upon establishing positive relationships across the three elements of self, others and curriculum. The principles can be applied to all children at any age and not just those perceived as being “difficult to manage”. They apply as much to teachers and their relationship with children as much as they apply to the children themselves.

We adopt forward thinking approaches that cater for all learning styles.
SRS students achieve exceptionally high academic standards via creative and innovative approaches to teaching and learning and curriculum design and delivery that often break from traditional methodology and approaches.

Expectations with regard to social conscience and respect for others are encouraged at all times by staff and promoted by the students amongst themselves. Indeed, one of the school aims is to develop the emotional intelligence of its students in the context of every day pastoral and academic experiences.

In order to maximise the potential for learning, SRS staff proactively facilitate access, participation and engagement in learning through enabling teaching and supporting students to develop positive relationships with the curriculum, others and themselves. This holistic approach to behavior for learning is supported by the school, family and wider community.