Moral Education

Pastoral care is the act of looking after the personal and social well-being of the children in schools.   It is an expression of concern for individuals designed to provide a holistic approach to addressing the personal, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of every young person.It also involves a wide variety of issues including ethical issues, physical condition, behaviour management and providing emotional support.

Pastoral care plays a central role of student life at The School of Research Science. We are convinced of the importance of pastoral care enables students to develop personally, socially, emotionally and intellectually so that they become responsible and fulfilled members of society. Our vision is to support and nurture the well-being and development of students in a variety of implicit and explicit ways.

Each student will have the following attitudes, qualities and skills:
  • A growing sense of responsibility for one’s own actions and for the effect of one’s actions upon others.
  • A deepening sense of commitment to the well-being of others in the wider community, locally, nationally and globally.
  • A growing disposition towards generosity rather than selfishness, kindness to others and a clear rejection of unkindness, cruelty or bullying.
  • A sensitivity to the feelings and needs of those with whom one lives and works and willingness to be of practical help in contributing to their well-being.
  • Developed a mature sense of self-confidence and self-worth with a disposition of humility rather than arrogance.
  • A sense of honesty, truthfulness and personal integrity
  • The recognition of the right of others to hold their own views and a respect for those who have different beliefs and customs.
  • A readiness to look beyond materialism
  • A willingness to reflect upon and think critically about one’s experiences, opinions, choices and response; a readiness to adapt, grow and change.
  • A growing ability to cope with the experiences of suffering which human life naturally presents (e.g. anxiety, stress, illness, divorce, loss, death).

Pastoral development is an organic process affected by the whole range of a person’s experiences.  The School’s role in this should therefore not be seen in isolation but should form part of a conjoined partnership with parents.