Adding the US curriculum pathway for high school students offers choice and diversity

SRS offers a highly successful, well known and respected UK curriculum now for 20 years.  Students join us in the foundation stage and remain committed to SRS until years 12 or 13; graduating with a wide range iGCSEs and A level qualifications.  

These internationally acclaimed qualifications allow our students to access top UK and US universities and colleges of higher education locally, nationally and internationally.

As we move into our third decade we wish to offer more choice and scope to our student community by adding a US curriculum pathway for the high school students from grades 9 to 12.  The US curriculum pathway will offer an addiotnal quality educational route for our growing numbers of students and will be delivered with the utmost integrity.  To ensure this happens we have entered into a partnership with a US Educational Consultancy – Cambridge Education (CE), whom have a strong track record across the USA.

Having a choice of curricula and being fully supported by both our UK governors and Cambridge Education, delivered by the highest quality, experienced, native English speakers will ensure as a school we aspire to realise our vision:

‘To establish a leading nationwide centre of educational excellence that isfounded upon the highest international standards’.