One of our fundamental principles and key beliefs is that students will make exceptional progress once any potential barriers to learning are identified and fully addressed. There is a very strong link between students’ academic achievement and their social and emotional wellbeing. Consequently, we have established an organisational structure to reflect this principle, through the provision of high quality welfare support. At SRS, academic and welfare support are two sides of the same coin, fully reflecting our mission statement of parity between academic achievement and students’ personal development. Our aim at SRS is to provide an environment that encourages student confidence, courtesy, friendship and tolerance. To achieve this the student welfare programme provides structures that develop positive attitudes and behaviours.

The welfare of all students is of primary importance to all staff at SRS. The student welfare department works with parents and staff to assess each child in our programme as an individual, determine their needs and endeavor to assist them to achieve their potential. Our focus at SRS is the ‘child’ and each student is treated with care and respect. This forms the basis of all student welfare work in the school.


Welfare Officers support our school community through pastoral care of students, teachers, families and the wider local community. Welfare Officers fulfil a unique role in the school community:

  • They are active in promoting student wellbeing, particularly through the provision of pastoral care;
  • Have an educative role in the areas of beliefs, values, morals and ethics;
  • Work to facilitate the connection of students into the school network and wider community.

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